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This reference application illustrates Spring Faces, a software library that integrates Spring and JavaServerFaces technology to power rich web applications.

The key features illustrated in this sample include:

  • A declarative navigation model enabling full browser button support and dynamic navigation rules
  • A fine-grained state management model, including support for ConversationScope and ViewScope
  • Modularization of web application functionality by domain use case, illustrating project structure best-practices
  • Managed persistence contexts with the Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Unified Expression Language (EL) integration
  • Spring Security integration
  • Declarative page authoring with Facelets, including applying reusable page layouts
  • A lightweight component library for Ajax and client-side validation that employs progressive enhancement techniques
  • Exception handling support across all layers of the application
  • Spring IDE tooling integration, with support for graphical flow modeling and visualization

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